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(exchange, block)

440 source kit # 440.500.5085

ARP main studs
Durabond Hi Performance cam brgs
Qualcast Frost plug kit
Mopar distributor bushing
4.360 bore (.040 over )
4.150 stroke
6.760 rod length
24 (dish) piston

Block is 0 decked, with .039 head gaskets, 75 cc combustion chamber,
compression ratio is 10.35 to 1

Custom Engine Machine Work & Assembly

Engine block is heat cleaned, then shot blasted, magnetic particle inspected, cylinders are bored .030, .040, .055, or .060 over size.

Bottom of cylinders are chamfered, block is debured & threads are cleaned, block is clearanced for increased stroke.

Block decks are resurfaced & equalized, install new ARP main studs & align hone mainline.

New forged pistons are inspected, measured & recorded.

With the piston measurements we can torque plate hone the cylinders.

Piston pin bores are honed, the big end of the new H beam rods
are inspected for size & the small end bushings are honed for proper pin clearance.

Balance rotating assembly, polish crankshaft.

Final wash for block, crankshaft, conrods & pistons. Install new cam brgs, frost plugs & oil gallerys, Install new pistons on rods with spiral locks, file fit rings, check all brg clearances & final assemble of short block.

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