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A great racing engine based on our proven


ZZ4 small-block crate engine!

With the heart of the proven, durable ZZ4 crate  
engine, the 350/355 Limited Late Model factory-
sealed racing engine has all the power to keep you at  
the front of the pack for Saturday night's feature race.  

The 350/355 is rated at 355 horsepower and 405  
lb.-ft. of torque and has all the tough basics of the  
ZZ4 street engine, including a forged steel crankshaft,  
hypereutectic pistons, steel hydraulic roller camshaft  
and aluminum cylinder heads. The high-performance  
ZZ4 heads feature D-shaped exhaust ports and high-
velocity intake runners to promote fast and  
unobstructed flow through the engine, providing great  
high-rpm performance on the racetrack.  

An 8-quart circle track oil pan, with dual kick-out  
design, handles the oil storage, along with a valve  
cover breather kit and special "kool nut" rocker nut  
design. The assembly also includes a dual-plane high-
rise intake manifold, HEI distributor and cast iron  
water pump.  

Add your carburetor, starter and exhaust - and don't  
forget to thank GM Performance Parts when giving  
your winner's interview!  

GM Performance Parts Racing Crate Engines are  
excluded from the limited warranty.

*Check track rules for correct application.
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