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Fuel Injectors

Over time, Bad fuel & contamination can cause a build-up in your fuel system. Clogging your Fuel lines, Filters and Injectors.

This can lead to poor performance, Mileage and eventual failure of your engine. Fuel grades, fuel lines, filters and related components can degrade over time.

When filling up at the pump you may sometimes introduce contamination from the filler neck or the fuel going in.

This is why we always suggest cleaning injectors and a new fuel filter on any fresh install or tune up.

Standard Fuel injection cleaning & Flow test - $25.00 each plus parts
Direct Injection - $35.00 each plus parts
High Performance Fuel injectors - $35.00 each plus parts
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How Sonic cleaning works

Our Sonic Cleaner uses a solution of degreasers and detergents to ‘shake’ lose any debris. Sonic Cleaners work by agitating the heated solution all while the Injector is being pulsed without pressure. This allows the solution to enter the injector and agitate the contamination and debris from within. The heat in the cleaner helps to soften carbons, paints, oils and greases. Most injectors come out of the Sonic Cleaner with paint missing. this is due to the strong cleaning agents. Injectors will be polished and clear coated if this happens.

Flow Testing

Flow Testing Injectors Pre and Post Cleaning will give us a baseline of information. We test the Resistance (Ohms) through the injectors; we then test them under pressure (max 45PSI line pressure) to see if they leak without being pulsed. After this we Pattern test them to check for inconsistency and blockage. Once finished the pattern test we pulse the injectors with 6ms pulse rate at a theoretical 2400RPM (Computer controlled rate) over a span of 60 seconds or 100cc of fluid accumulation, which ever happens first. They are then Sonic Cleaned and ran through the same process a second time to compare results of Sonic Cleaning.

Benefits of Sonic Cleaning

Sonic Cleaning can in most cases clear up ‘stumble’ under engine load, reduced power and mileage. Cleaning the injectors as well as replacing the fuel filter can improve performance and mileage as well as engine reliability.
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